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Global Castaways

A podcast by international educators musing on life abroad, teaching and always looking on the bright side of things.

Your hosts: Courtney, Brittany, Gabrielle and Tara.

May 8, 2019

We’re back with two girls in Tuscany talking. We share our experiences and sprinkle in tips, insights and advice when you’re ready to jump into the crazy recruiting fair scene. For additional fun: take a shot every time Gabrielle says “research”.

  • 02:09 Courtney references Pitch Perfect while attempting to describe the job fair
  • 14:26 But where do you actually interview??
  • 21:45 Use your support system
  • 24:30 A tip or two to prepare for your next job search. Then a story that ends with Gabrielle in New Scotland Yard.
  • 30:20 “I’m always terrified; every single time I [go to a job fair] I’m scared”
  • 35:44 Don’t go HAM on your references.

UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair
Global Recruitment Collaborative
Search Associates
ISS/Schrole Advantage
TIE Online

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